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You’ve stumbled upon our little internet home of Rockabilly loveliness. A place to showcase some of the most beautiful retro finds from around the interweb. Here at our website, Rockabilly Dresses, you’ll unearth some of the baddest Rockabilly dresses and other matching attire to kit you out like a rockabilly goddess.

Rockabilly Dresses is the project/hobby of Rockabilly June! A lover of all things from the 1950s and 40s. A lady with a pair of shoes to match every dress in her bursting wardrobe. Oh my. A little crazy and a little obsessed she’s got one foot in the present and one in nineteen-fifty-something. Why? Because it was without a doubt the best decade and she’s recreating it with the most magical clothing, make-up, hairdos and more.

Here at Rockabilly Dresses, June will help you to discover the latest 1950’s and 40’s inspired clothing. Not only does June likes a good ole rummage on vintage shop hangers but she’s pretty good at perusing the web as well, bringing you vintage style clothing that doesn’t smell like moth balls and little old ladies. Here you’ll find an enormous selection of dresses including wiggle dresses, prom dresses and jive dresses, plus petticoats, hair accessories and everything else you could possibly need to create that finished rockabilly look.

You should totally follow Rockabilly Dresses on Facebook and Pinterest to keep uptodate with the latest finds. Be the first to know about amazing vintage dresses. A girl can never have enough right?

Rockabilly Dresses


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